The overall objective of this project is to promote the improvement and preservation of priority habits listed in the Habitat Directive 92/43/CEE found in SCIs/SACs on the Andalusian coast, acting on threats that affect them and contributing to the Preservation of species that inhabit there, via two types of action:
DSC 0075r Juan G de Lomas Autor CMAOT

  • Restoration and management of the different habitats, in order to attend to urgent Preservation needs cause by inappropriate public use, waste, the spread of exotic invasive species and some native species, habit fragmentation, forestry, and forest fires.

    Reinforcement of the role of society in the Preservation of coastal habitats through the spread of information, education, professional training, awareness, and public participation.
  • The actions of the project are directed towards achieving a series of specific objectives:

El proyecto objetivos pasarela

  • Lessening the impact of public use on the SCI/SAC of the Andalusian coast.
  • Controlling and monitoring exotic invasive species at the most vulnerable locations.
  • Minimising competition of competitive species with priority species.
  • Promoting forest management that is compatible with priority or important species and habitats.
  • Reinforcing the role of society in the preservation of coastal habitats.