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Red Natura 2000

The Natura 2000 Network is a collection of spaces with high ecological value dedicated to the conservation of the biodiversity of all of Europe. With the protection of these places we aim to ensure the long-term survival of the most valuable and endangered European habitats. Created in 21 May 1992, in accordance with Directive 92/43/EEC, better known as the Habitats Directive, it is the European Union’s main instrument to conserve nature. This Network includes around 27,000 Natural Areas, of which 2,041 are found in Spain, with it being the country that contributes the most natural spaces to the Network.

Natura 2000 is constituted by two protection figures:

  • The Sites of Community Importance (SCI), are those designated by virtue of the Habitats Directive that are home to species or natural habitats that are valuable at the European level and which become Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) once they are officially declared as such by the member states of the European Union.
    The Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAB), which have been designated by virtue of the Birds Directive, are areas –in the sphere of the European Union-, that are important for being home to species of wild protected birds that use these spaces to reproduce, feed or as migration areas.
  • The Natura 2000 Network in Andalusia covers a total area in the order of 2.67 million hectares and includes:
  • 63 Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAB).
  • 189 Sites of Community Importance (SCI), of which 163 have been declared Special Areas of Conservation (SAC).

However, despite the importance of this Network, 85% of Spanish people say they know nothing about these areas. Of the remaining 15%, only 8% recognise that they sound “somewhat” familiar.  Furthermore, of this 15%, 10.5% are not able to name a place belonging to the Natura 2000 Network (Referencia LIFE ACTIVA). 

It is time that we all changed these figures!

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