Expected results

  • 1. Organisation of public use at 8 SAC via the installation of fencing. 
    2. Organisation and/or set-up of parking areas at several SAC. 
    3. Control of exotic species in priority habitats (1510, 2130, 2250, 4020, and 5220), SACs and more than 10 areas of activity. 
    4. Lessening the competition of native species with certain key species in priority habitats. 
    5. Noticeably increase the extension of diagnostic species or species of interest at 7 SACs by planting native plants. 
    6. Repair damages to plant populations through practices for forestry work or prevention of forest fires in the project area. 
    7. To inform about the objective and activities of the LIFE project. 
    8. Increase social awareness in regards to the environmental value of these ecosystems in Andalusia.