A.1 Detailed cartography. Threatened Habitats and Plant Life
A.2 Overhauling activities
A.3 Selection of species for restoration action
A.4 Study of the minimum dose for the elimination of Oenothera drummondii
A.5 Communication and awareness plan

C.1 Organisation of public space. Installation of fencing and walkways
C.2 Set-up and renovation of parking areas and access signage
C.3 Eradication/control of exotic invasive species
C.4 Control of competitive species
C.5 Waste elimination and management
C.6 Forestry guidelines
C.7 Habitat restoration via replanting
D.1 Environmental indicators
D.2 Socio-economic indicators
E.1 Launch of the LIFE + Conhabit Andalucía project website
E.2 Creation and distribution of informative materials
E.3 Travelling exhibition: design, creation, and promotion
E.4 Coastal Habitat video
E.5 Training for intermediate and advanced vocational students related to forestry management
E.6 Sector meetings: tourism, forestry, agriculture, and city governments
E.7 School visits to activity areas. Community day
E.8 Proposal for the creation of a volunteer group
E.9 Publication of technical results for a specialised audience
E.10 Layman Report
E.11 Activity signage
F.1 Project management by the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Land Use
F.2 External auditing
F.3 Project monitoring and evaluation
F.4 Establishment of a network with other projects
F.5 Creation of a post-LIFE Preservation project
F.6 Post-LIFE communication plan