Conhabit’s Materials

This Awareness and Communication Plan forms a fundamental part of the LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA Project. Conservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast. With the application of this Awareness and Communications Plan the achievement of the following objectives will be advanced:

- To convey the values and significances that the Natura 2000 Network has as a Heritage site and the presence of habitats and species of community interest status.
- To increase the level of knowledge and awareness of key sectors regarding the main threats that the coastal habitats present.
- To convey the social, economic and cultural benefits that the conservation of coastal habitats brings.
- To improve social attitude towards the measures of conservation related to the improvement and conservation of priority habitats.
- To promote the public image of the Life Conhabit Andalusia project.
- To promote support and social participation in the Life Conhabit Andalusia project.