New round of meetings with councils from Tarifa centred on exploring profitable initiatives in the Natura 2000 Network

Life Conhabit Andalusia started a second round of meetings with the local council with Natura 2000 Network spaces which it encourages, to design joint initiatives to conserve the natural richness that they have but from the exploitation of the economic potential of these spaces.

The first meeting of this new phase was in Tarifa (Cadiz). Specifically, in their Casa de la Cultura, and it achieved a very good response from the Cadiz councils involved. Thus, from the host town, their mayor Francisco Ruiz Giráldez was welcomed as well as the Deputy Mayor and Treasury official, Noelia Moya and technical staff. Those who have responded to the event from Barbate are the Deputy Mayor Javier Rodríguez, and the councillor for Citizen Participation and Districts, Juan Miguel Muñoz; whilst those present from Conil were the town manager of Beaches, Pepa Amado and the manager of the City Tourism Board, Diana Andión.
The meeting covered the need to drive the conservation of priority habitats in these natural spaces as well as raising awareness among society about them from the point of view of the benefits that they offer. More specifically, of the enormous economic possibilities of the Natura 2000 Network spaces.

With these starting point, a series of ideas and initiatives were presented to try to make that pretention reality of transforming into a n opportunity for the cities the natural richness that they have the spaces with views, as well, to make them into new driving forces for the economy and the creation of employment.

It is about putting into action sustainable tourism and ecotourism, green employment initiatives, and even promoting products of the Natura 2000 Network spaces.

With everything, Life Conhabit Andalusia wanted to convey their gratitude to the city leaders and technical experts from councils that responded to the call, whilst highlighting their interest and enthusiasm for working towards reach the planned objectives.



Project Life Conhabit Andalusia

Conhabit Initiative
The Project LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA "Preservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast" (LIFE+13/ES/000586) begun on the 1st of June of 2014, after being approved by the European Commission. With a duration of five years and a budget totalling 2,654,269 euro, it is a LIFE-NATURE project whose main objective is advancing the improvement and preservation of priority habitats found in 15 areas of the Natura 2000 Network on the Andalusian coast, and promoting social awareness of the need to protect these spaces, habitats, and species, some of which are under threat. Read more

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