Life Conhabit ends the first round of meetings with tourist companies that operate in natural spaces in Huelva and Almeria

Life Conhabit has gained new allies in Huelva and Almeria. They are tourism business people who act in Natura 2000 Network spaces subject to this European initiative in both provinces, that have shown their disposition to collaborate with the project to empower the conservation and social awareness raising about these natural spaces.

Both meetings held in provincial paths have closed the first round between leaders of the project and the representative of this sector, who have achieved the participation of more than twenty of them (among tourism companies and groups that represent them). A first contact that fixed a beginning point upon which to start working and that has served to put on the table the need to incorporate new knowledge, open other fields of work related to botanical tourism or encourage ecotourism, understood as a tourist model in which quality and care for the natural environment are prioritised.

Thus, the business people present in Huelva and Almeria have shown their disposition and enthusiasm for being part of this project under the umbrella of the protection of the natural spaces, also in the sense of opting for quality when faced with overcrowding and working towards alleviating the tourist seasonal standstill.

To this end, Life Conhabit has conveyed their thanks to the business people from the tourism sector for the interest shown and, meanwhile, they have highlighted that working with local councils involved in the development of the tourism activities in the coastal natural spaces is fundamental.

Specifically, in this 2017, which is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development -declared by the United Nations-, makes it essential to find tourist activities that respect the environment and minimise the impact that it makes on its surroundings. For this reason, it is essential that the tourism sector itself is involved in creating social awareness about the importance of practising responsible tourism.

In this sense, the technical team at Life Conhabit has shown their satisfaction for the response gained from the tourism companies as well as the local councils with natural spaces benefitting from the project.

Below, more images of the meetings held in Huelva and Almeria:

- Huelva: Visit to the Dunas De Odiel Botanic Garden (the same as the image above).











- Huelva: Final image of the meeting in the El Acebuche Visitors Centre in the Doñana Natural Space.











- Almeria: Visit to the El Albardinal Botanic Garden.













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