The clearing the Natura 2000 Network space Pinar de Roche starts to achieve the natural regeneration of the undergrowth

The Natura 2000 Network space Pinar de Roche in Conil de la Frontera (Cadiz), is the subject of an operation by Life Conhabit Andalusia for the control of competing species, and it consists in the clearing of a mass of pine forest of just over 6 hectares in size, to encourage the entry of light that allows for the natural regeneration of the undergrowth.

This work, which will last approximately one month, intends, also, to protect the priority habitat of Dunes with woods of Pinus pinea and/or Pinus pinaster.

Coincidentally, the Pinar de Roche space has one of the best conserved and structured coastal pine forests of all the coastal pine forests, with a surface area of almost 690 hectares. However, the increase in the density of pine trees is causing the loss and degradation of the abovementioned priority habitat, and this is the reason for the execution of this pruning and clearing work.

Specifically, it intends to reduce the density of the current pine forest mass of 300 feet per hectare to 180, with the idea of eliminating a total of 720 feet, to reach an average density and by means of this, leave clearer areas where the presence of species of interest in the habitat benefit such as the white thyme (Thymus albicans) and Hymenostemma pseudoanthemis.

The clearing will be carried out using felling, with trimming and cutting in the same place, and manual accumulation of the remains of the pruning in areas of pine trees without threatened flora.

To the rest of the mass of pine forest, a training pruning will be given to illuminate the undergrowth and eliminate dry branches that generate a fire risk. The plant remains will be eliminated by burning since the chopping of remains in situ changes drastically the structure of the sandy ground. The timber remains will be used in the construction of cairns for the creation of shelters for animals (rabbits) or they will be removed and stacked in the paths and firewalls for their use as wood.

The operation will be completed with the restoration of habitats using revegetation with the planting of more than 3.400 plants.



Project Life Conhabit Andalusia

Conhabit Initiative
The Project LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA "Preservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast" (LIFE+13/ES/000586) begun on the 1st of June of 2014, after being approved by the European Commission. With a duration of five years and a budget totalling 2,654,269 euro, it is a LIFE-NATURE project whose main objective is advancing the improvement and preservation of priority habitats found in 15 areas of the Natura 2000 Network on the Andalusian coast, and promoting social awareness of the need to protect these spaces, habitats, and species, some of which are under threat. Read more

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