A Coast with Roots sets up the poster competition ‘Coastal Habitats, so close yet so far’, between its participating schools

The activity A Coast with Roots by Life Conhabit Andalucía, which is integrated in the ALDEA programme on the PLEAMAR project, has called for the first round of the Poster Competition ‘Coastal Habitats, so close yet so far’, between the schools that have participated in this activity during the school year 2016/2017.

The main objective is to promote among the school children who have benefitted from the programme, the discovery of the coastal landscapes, as well as the knowledge that they have acquired from the habitats of each one and the importance of preserving the priority habitats, while the relevance of all of these is disseminated in the school community.

Specifically, the schools interested in participating in the competition should make a mural or poster where they reflect the work carried out during the activity A Coast with Roots, in which they will reveal all the experience accumulated, the specific activities carried out, the learning assimilated, the actions subsequently undertaken and the conclusions extracted from the whole process. A poster can be presented by each class, regardless of whether they have shared the visit to the Botanic Gardens with other classes from the school.

The winners will be the 4 best posters presented, one for each coastal Botanic Gardens that has undertaken the activity: San Fernando Botanic Gardens (Cádiz), Odiel Dunes Botanic Gardens (Huelva), Detunda-Cueva de Nerja Botanic Gardens (Málaga) and El Albardinal Botanic Gardens (Almería)

The prize will consist of the publication of the winning work in the form of a calendar and a board game called Diversity for the future. Separately, the 5 best posters from each garden will be published on the project’s website: www.lifeconhabitandalucia.es
The submission period of the entries ends on 5 June and the judges’ breakdown will be issued before 15 June.



Project Life Conhabit Andalusia

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The Project LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA "Preservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast" (LIFE+13/ES/000586) begun on the 1st of June of 2014, after being approved by the European Commission. With a duration of five years and a budget totalling 2,654,269 euro, it is a LIFE-NATURE project whose main objective is advancing the improvement and preservation of priority habitats found in 15 areas of the Natura 2000 Network on the Andalusian coast, and promoting social awareness of the need to protect these spaces, habitats, and species, some of which are under threat. Read more

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