The known distribution area of ​​the 'Carduus myriacanthus' has been extended in the framework of Life Conhabit Andalusia

LIC Punta de Trafalgar

The thistle known as Carduus myriacanthus is exclusive to the province of Cadiz and north Africa (Algeria and Morocco). It is distributed over the cost of Cadiz in subnitrophic coastal sandy areas from Los Caños de Meca (Barbate) to La Línea de la Concepción, with the urban development of the Cadiz Atlantic coast being its main threat, since most of its known nuclei are adjacent to or inside built up areas. Until 2014 in Andalusia only 9 locations were known that contained the 4 population nuclei of this species in the Cadiz coast. In the framework of the Life Conhabit Andalusia project, the number of individuals recorded has doubled and the number of known locations has increased, and is now at 17 locations with a total of 5.000 individuals.





Project Life Conhabit Andalusia

Conhabit Initiative
The Project LIFE CONHABIT ANDALUSIA "Preservation and improvement in priority habitats on the Andalusian coast" (LIFE+13/ES/000586) begun on the 1st of June of 2014, after being approved by the European Commission. With a duration of five years and a budget totalling 2,654,269 euro, it is a LIFE-NATURE project whose main objective is advancing the improvement and preservation of priority habitats found in 15 areas of the Natura 2000 Network on the Andalusian coast, and promoting social awareness of the need to protect these spaces, habitats, and species, some of which are under threat. Read more

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